Madden 20 Secret – Coin making methods in-game

In the previous article I showed you one of the methods for Madden 20. Now is the time to second method. This will be a short article. It’s going to be sniping these 75 to 79 overall players. That’s going to be a little less time consuming cause you can basically get it done a little bit faster. That’s going to cost you an average of around 8.5 K per elite and now the final way is just going to be straight up buying 80 to 82 overall cards.

Madden 20 – coin making method

That way we can just put them into set without even having to worry about doing any of the other upgrades. That, in my opinion, is the best way of doing it, just because it’s the fastest and my personal opinion. I honestly don’t like the really slow methods, but, but like I was saying before, if you guys do enjoy the slow methods a little bit more, what you can do to actually make coins is by your get a player packs or by your 75 to 79 for old cards.

And then once you get your mud hero, let’s say it costs you. Let’s say it costs you like 8,000 coins to get this monkey hero card right here cause you were sniping all of the 75 to 70 nines you could just quickly resell this card and make a profit of like 3000 cool. And so that’s one out on this method.


If you guys want to do it that way and you don’t have enough coins to actually get the whole team of the year set done, you could just do it that way and sell that card that you get from the mud heroes pack. But let’s get into sniping these cards. Because I actually think I have a pretty tricky filter for fighting these cards.

A lot of people, what they’ll do is they’ll just filter quality 80 to 81 and there’s a ton of people sniping 80 to 80 ones, but a lot of people don’t know is you can put 82 of role players into this set as well. So in my personal opinion, the best, and I think filter is 82 to 83. Filter down by team of the week, and then I’m going to flip between all offense and all defense.

We’re going to see 83 of our players at the start. It’s kind of weird. 80 threes are cheaper than 80 twos, but as we continue to scroll down, you actually have a decent shot at finding some pretty good Snipes. So James Winston at 9.7 K, that’s a pretty good deal. If any of you guys have tried sniping the 80 to 80 ones, you’ll know it’s hard to find them at under 10K.

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