Madden 20 Team of the Year: Fantasy Packs

Madden 20 Team of the Year – Fantasy Packs

As I wrote in the previous article

I’m assuming a lot of you had some tokens, so be sure to do that one, but the next one right here is going to be how you can get a free fantasy pack. All of these tips are kind of pretty hidden in the game right now, but this one right here. I noticed they released into the game yesterday and as you can see, if you exchange for MCs Superbowl tokens, you’ll be able to get an 88 to 93 overall super old past and present fantasy pack. So that could be a really good player that you’re going to get  and all you would need is four of these tokens.

So if you did log into mut yesterday, I believe it was. You’re actually going to be able to get one of these for free. So to get the other three, all you’re actually gonna need to do is you’re going to need to be a part of Madden’s Twitch live stream. So if you saw when you actually got the pack, there was a little tip token as well. Basically what’s going to happen is EA is going to be streaming these modern competitive games and all you need to do is go into their Twitch chat and I believe just type anything that way, if your account on Twitch is connected, that to your account on a Madden, you’re going to be able to get some free players and eventually you’re going to get these free token

Twitch – Tip to collect Madden 20 rewards

So I believe the first stream is own as the 30th and probably is gonna release a whole schedule of when it all is on Twitter. So be sure to check that out. Um, when they do release it, but the first ones are January 30th. So in just a couple of days here and all you’re basically going to need to do is probably just comment something in the chat. That way you can get your Madden rewards. If you guys don’t know how nod rewards work, definitely check it out. I’m not going to talk about it in this article cause it’s a little bit confusing, but you basically just link your Twitch account to your Madden account. And then once you add those two things that linked up. Basically Twitch can kind of see when you’re commenting on mountains streams and chats and stuff like that, and then they’ll reward you with stuff in game. Um, it can be parks. I usually get POCs whenever I watch the, like new special streams when they release stuff. But this, I’ll probably end up watching a couple of these games anyways, just I’ll probably end up watching the finals, maybe like the semifinals and stuff like that.

Madden NFL 20 fantasy packs

So I believe you’ll probably just need to be in the chat for three different games and then you’re actually going to be able to get a free . 93 overall player, which is pretty nice. So that’s a free little tip to make coins. I like how these tips are really like kind of secretive. A lot of people probably haven’t talked about them on YouTube and a lot of you guys probably don’t know about them. Here is how you can get a free overall player and let’s move on to the final little tip. And that’s going to be some new solo challenges that they did just release into the game, which are going to allow you to earn a 93 overall card. Again, not a lot of hype around the solos coming into the game, but they did just release these Madden challenge solos. As you can see, when you get 40 stars, you’re going to get a Twitch, a legend, a fantasy pack, and that puts legends for MC pack is going to allow you to pick either a 93 overall Deion Sanders or a 93 overall. Devin Hester. I’ll pop up a photo of each of the cards, or right now, here’s going to be the Deion Sanders.

And here will be the Devin Hester, in my opinion. I would probably go with the Dion. He has better Stotts. Both of them are really usable cards. I already have Deon on my team. Um, and the other card, I mean, Devin Hester, you probably wouldn’t really play for me, so I’m personally not going to do these solos, but if you need a new corner and you don’t have Deion Sanders, definitely be sure to do these solos. All you basically need is 40 stars. And the good thing about this is you don’t have to actually play all these solos on the highest difficulty because as you can see, each of these sequences right here is going to give you a total of a potential of 20 stars. So you could earn a total of 80 stars from these. So all you would basically need to do is complete these on not even their highest difficulty and you’d be able to knock them all out. It looks like a lot of my friends in my like friends, Oh Christ, here are my friends list. Sorry, have done these solos.

Have definitely something you guys should end up doing, especially if you want one of those free 93 cards. Like I said, I posted up both photos of their cards just a few seconds ago on the screen. I should have, at least in my editing. And yeah, you can take a look at those cards. Stotts I’m personally going with Deon Sanders as the better car to those two and it wasn’t fantasy Fox. You are going to be able to choose which one you want to pick. So yeah, that’s basically going to do it tips wise for the article. We’ll probably open up a couple of packs at the end here. Maybe see if we can get something nice. just to recap really quickly, be sure to check your binder to see if you have any team of the year tokens, because each of them go for 12 or 10,000 coins.

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