Madden 20 – Team of The Year: Token

They’re all really new things that just got added into the game literally yesterday or today.  So all of these tips you  probably will not have heard. They’re all pretty simple, but if you can do each of these three things, they’re definitely going to improve your team and actually make you some coins.  I’m not even sure what I titled this article, but it’s going to be pretty helpful for you. Just really quick things that, like I said, now before we do get into it though.

If you didn’t know, you can actually get coins for your team of the year token. So I’m assuming some of you guys. Have actually done that. The team of the year sets, or sorry, the team of the week solos, and if you guys know you need a total of, I believe, 15 tokens. If we look right here, you needed 15 team with your tokens to actually get a free player. Now, if you didn’t have enough tokens. There was literally nothing you could do with these. They were really useless. Um, and really pointless. So I’m assuming the law that you guys actually have a few of these in your binder. Let’s say you only did like four or five of them. There’s really nothing you could do with them.

Madden 20 TOTY token - Team of the year token 2020

But now there is, if you guys actually take a look at the tokens, you could actually quick sell them for 10,000 the coins each. So be sure to check out your binder and see if you have any team of dear tokens. It’s really simple to filter it down to take a look. All you basically would want to do is just come in by type, look over to collectible, and then you can just scroll and look around and see if you have any.

I already quick settled, quick sold. I think I had three left in my binder, so I just clicked, sold those three, made a quick 30k coins and also if you guys haven’t done these at solos right here. These team are the weak ones. There’s actually still to at T with the weak solos left in the game, which you can actually make 20,000 coins with doing these. As you can see, you’re going to get to team with your tokens. All you need is 10 stars, which is incredibly easy to get. So if you guys haven’t done these solos, it’s a free 20,000 coins. Definitely do them and check your binder to see if you have any other team of the week tokens.

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